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Watercolor by Linda Hope Lee

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February 8, 2017

Reeling from the deaths of her ex-husband and their nine-year-old daughter, Meg Evans suspects foul play in the mysterious auto accident. Clues lead her to Gemini Island, where she goes undercover cataloging Northwest Indian artifacts while conducting her own investigation. She doesn't count on having to work with the enigmatic and handsome Eric Richards. Artifact expert Eric has hidden reasons for coming to Gemini, and he doesn't relish working with anyone who might thwart his search for answers. Will they keep their true identities and their missions hidden? Or can they learn to trust each other and together discover Gemini's terrible secret? here.


November 22, 2016

Tragedy made them strangers. The truth could change that...

Lacey Morgan's grandmother is the only reason she has to ever set foot in Silver River. Her hometown is populated with too many ghosts and memories. Too many painful reminders. Including Rory Dalton.

In all her brief visits over the past ten years, they've barely spoken. Locked on opposite sides of the tragedy that tore their lives apart, they buried their feelings along with their parents. But this trip is different. She will stay a little longer. Dig a little deeper. And try to solve the mystery that has kept them from the truth...and each other.

Harlequin Heartwarming here. here.

Harlequin Heartwarming

Luci Monroe is on top of the world. She's just graduated from journalism school and she's already landed her dream job in PR. Then Cody Jarvis saunters into her office. Nothing like finding out that your teenage crush, now a gorgeous, globe-trotting, freelance photographer, is going to be your staffer for the summer. Never mind. They're both professionals. And she's over him. Kind of. Anyway, he's not interested. Cody is always waiting to disappear on his next assignment, and Luci needs someone stable. Someone who wants to build a life right here in Willow Beach.

Harlequin Heartwarming here. here.


Eva Sinclair finally had it all: the Seattle view condo, the little blue sports car and the dream job writing for the city's hottest magazine. Everything she'd fought for since the day she walked out on her father and the Willow Beach Herald, his beloved small-town newspaper.

With one call from Mark Townson, her father's protege, it was all gone, because fulfilling her father's final wishes meant meeting a one-year deadline as Mark's coeditor at the Herald. That's what they call an impossible deadline. Especially when the sparks begin to fly.

Harlequin Heartwarming here. here.

Read an excerpt here.

The Wild Rose Press

Coming March 23

Held responsible for a student's tragic death, teacher Deborah Kent was fired from her job and left town in disgrace. Now, she's back, intending to open a bed-and-breakfast. But threatening notes indicate someone isn't happy with her return, and Deborah suspects Carla's death was no accident.

Horse breeder Milo Jordan has long harbored anger toward the woman he blames for his younger sister's death. But now Deborah appears to hold the key to the truth. Can he put aside his anger, and his growing attraction, to work with her to solve the puzzle of the deadly event?

Wild Rose Press here. here.

The Red Rock, Colorado Series

Book 1

On the run to avoid marrying a man she does not love, Long Island heiress Sara Carleton boards a train heading to the West Coast. Fate intervenes when she is mugged during a stop at Red rock, Colorado.

Rancher Jackson Phillips doesn't mind helping the attractive victim he rescued, but having her come to his ranch to recuperate is more than he bargained for.

The Wild Rose Press
Ebook and paperback editions
ISBN 1-601543-385-9

“A refreshingly sweet tale.”
RT Book Reviews 4 Stars

“A modern Western, packed with secrets, intrigue, and old-fashioned romance.” WRDF

Read an excerpt here.

The Wild Rose Press here.

Kindle edition here.


Book 2

Two years ago, because of a secret she dared not share, Rose Phillips regretfully ended her relationship with Dr. Mike Mahoney. When a tragic accident places her under his professional care, both Rose and Mike realize their feelings for each other are very much alive.

But, if they are to have a future together, Rose must find a way to put her past to rest.

The Wild Rose Press
Print ISBN: 1-60154-969-6
Print ISBN 13: 9781601549831

“A heartwarming read that will tug at your heartstrings.”

“What a beautiful story!”

View the book video here.

Read an excerpt here.

Kindle edition here


Book 3

After a two-year absence, widow Molly Henson and her young daughter, Karli, return to Red Rock, Colorado, where they lived when Molly's husband was alive. New love is the farthest thing from Molly's mind--until she meets Steve Roper.

Steve hasn't come to Red Rock looking for love. He's there on business and hoping to find answers to his ex-wife's sudden disappearance. Meeting Molly makes him all the more eager to move on with his life.

Molly soon realizes she harbors a secret about Steve's ex-wife. Confiding in Steve may end their relationship. How strong is their love and dare she take the risk?

The Wild Rose Press
Print ISBN: 978-161217-852-3
Digital: 978-1-61217-853-0

Read an excerpt here.

The Wild Rose Press here.

Kindle edition here.

Heartsong Press

Art gallery owner Rachel Taylor is all but engaged to Blake Halliday when she runs into Tony Morgan, an old boyfriend she hasn't seen for four years. Rachel thought she was long over Tony, but the disturbing reactions to seeing him again tell her otherwise.

But why has Tony really come back into her life? Does his return have anything to do with the break-in at her gallery? Rachel not only must find the answers to these questions, but also face making the most important decision of her lifetime.

Kindle edition here.


“A sweet love story with a touch of mystery.”
Romantic Times 4 Stars

“Will keep you hooked.”
Huntress Book Reviews

Read an excerpt here.

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